10 Ultimate Online Aesthetic Stores Every Girls Must Know

First appearing in the 18th century, the aesthetic outfit is no longer simply an aesthetic concept but also a lifestyle of modern young people. You’ve probably seen the aesthetic hashtag a few times with pretty pictures or a particular clothing trend. So what is aesthetic? How to find where to get the right aesthetic style for you? Let’s explore it with Y2K aesthetic outfits.

What is aesthetic clothing?

The concept of aesthetics was first used by the German philosopher Alexander Baumgarten in the 18th century to describe each person’s aesthetic taste and approach to art. Aesthetics “exploded” into a modern movement in the s thanks to Vaporwave music and the development of visual social networks like Pinterest, Tumblr…

Aesthetic clothing appeared and became a trend from the late 90s to the early s. As we know, with the development of our modern life and the time change, we increasingly tend to pursue nostalgia. This is the reason why aesthetic clothes have now become the darling of young people as well as the design industry. 

There are various styles of aesthetic clothes:

  • Vintage aesthetic: The vintage aesthetic is easily recognizable through polo shirts, high-waisted jeans, denim jackets, and graphic t-shirts.
  • Minimalism aesthetic: With iconic outfits such as t-shirts, trousers, and blazers, minimal aesthetics are identified by neutrals like white, black, navy, or casual colors.
  • Artsy aesthetic: Artsy aesthetic: if you appreciate the beauty of the world, and at the same time always try to radiate positive energy to help “heal” people around you, the artsy aesthetic is your style.
  • Grunge aesthetic: Named after music that dates back to the s, the grunge aesthetic revolves around music and is influenced by grunge artists. You can recognize the grunge style through a T-shirt with a band’s name and a black wardrobe.

Where to get aesthetic clothes?

If you are looking for stylish and individual aesthetic clothes, the easiest and most convenient way is to shop online. Here are 10 stores that specialize in providing aesthetic clothing

FashionTIY – Global Aesthetic Clothing Platform

FashionTIY is known as a global online platform that provides aesthetic clothes. There are many different styles from grunge aesthetic clothes to vintage aesthetic clothes. Moreover, FashionTIY also provides trendy accessories such as shoes, make-up, and other products. 

Whatever styles you are looking for, from flared pants to work clothes or vintage double denim, everything you need to do is to find in the FashionTIY’s search box, your ideal choice right here. 

Etsy – Handmade Items

Known as the shopping paradise of qualified handmade items, Etsy provides lots of trendy aesthetic clothes here. You can find thousands of styles of aesthetic clothes at affordable prices on this platform. Moreover, you can find various graphic T-shirts that have attractive design concepts suitable for your interests and ideas. If you are having trouble finding aesthetic clothing, let Etsy solve your problem. 

Y2K Aesthetic Outfits

Y2K aesthetic is an online platform that takes the aesthetic clothing business as its core product. You can find anything you want here, from the sexiest outfits to rock the party to bikinis to show off your body on the beach. If you feel it is difficult to know how to combine, y2k aesthetic clothes could help you with various categories providing all styles of aesthetic clothes

Cosmique Studio – 90s Aesthetic Clothes

Known as an online retro fashion website, Cosmique Studio provides various clothes with aesthetic styles from the 80s and 90s. There are lots of denim flared jeans, high-waisted jeans for your ideal choice. You can combine them with basic T-shirts or cropped baby tees for the perfect retro outfits of 90s aesthetic clothes

Minga London – Trendy Aesthetic Clothes

Minga London is a global online brand that provides trendy aesthetic clothes with various styles such as vintage aesthetic clothes, tumblr clothes, or junk styles. Minga London concentrates on cute and young styles that suit any occasion of any season. If you are a fan of these styles, Minga London is worth adding more trendy styles to your wardrobe. 

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal, founded in , is known as a popular online store that sells women’s clothes in the United States. The primary items offered are vintage clothing and accessories suitable for all styles of 90s fashion. Nasty Gal selects high-qualified and unique products carefully. Let’s make the dream come true with Nasty Gal. 


If you are a fan of aesthetic clothes, you should not ignore ShopBop – an online aesthetic store. This is an ideal place to shop for designer brands, handbags, and accessories. Moreover, ShopBop provides some suggestions to help you get more ideas for your wardrobe as well as how to combine outfits. With ShopBop, shopping is more enjoyable!

Atomic Cherry – Retro Style Store

Atomic Cherry is Australia’s online retro-style store that leads males and females. It provides lots of aesthetic styles such as rock (grunge aesthetic style), alternative clothes, popular accessories, and more. However, it offers reasonable prices for all items. It is worth it for you to add more items to your wardrobe.

iGirl – 90s Aesthetic Fashion

If you’re a fan of 90s fashion, iGirl is an online website that definitely belongs to you. iGirl stands for “InternetGirl”, this is a place that specializes in providing aesthetic clothes, especially grunge aesthetic clothes. In addition, it also offers accessories and jewelry to make your outfit more beautiful than ever.

All Things Rainbow

Only with the name can help you imagine aesthetic styles in fashion. This site specializes in aesthetic clothing and accessories, from eGirl outfits, grunge aesthetic clothes to vintage aesthetic clothes, you can choose any outfit you like here.

In addition, All Things Rainbow also offers free worldwide shipping for any orders. That’s great for anyone passionate about this aesthetic fashion.

Hopefully, the above websites can provide you with reputable places to buy the most trendy aesthetic style clothes.

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