Top 7 Affordable Online Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Now

If you’re crazy about vintage aesthetic styles, do not leave this post and keep scrolling down to the end to explore 7 Affordable Online Vintage Clothing Stores at PersonalGifts.

In this blog post, we’ve collected the best destinations to buy quintessential vintage clothing items and give you explicit reasons why it is worth trying.

Let’s get started right now!

1. Beyond Retro

Established since with the only retail store located in the East of London, it has been currently thriving with eight more stores and an e-commerce site. To be honest, Beyond Retro is inevitably a one-stop shop that you must arrive at least once if you are a big fan of nostalgic vintage styles.

Beyond Retron – Vintage Clothing Styles

Being aware of the serious impacts of fast fashion on the environment is a major motive for the birth of Beyond Retron and become the biggest mission for it to pursue and innovate. For that reason, Beyond Retro is one of the leading fashion companies to pioneer in reusing millions of textile waste, and inturn provide sustainable vintage clothing products.

As mentioned above, Beyond Retro is truly a one-stop shop because you can search for any vintage clothing items here such as vintage clothes for both men and women, accessories, sportswear, vintage jeans and many prestigious fashion brands like Converse, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, and Levi’s.

If you’re a Gen Z-er, don’t be afraid of falling behind with classic outfits when shopping at Beyond Retro. It is self-admitted as a data nerd because its software always keeps track of the major fashion trends, styles, and sources.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a well-known e-Commerce website that offers handmade products and vintage gems. It offers online shoppers with a bulk of different options for unique designs such as dresses, classic costumes, s jackets, vintage denim, and much more.

vintage-etsy.jpg (3200×1800)
Etsy – Vintage Clothing Styles

At Etsy, you can find many gorgeous vintage clothing outfits at many different price ranges. Many household names also listed their products available for buying on Etsy such as B Corp with distinctive accessories, classic bags, home appliances.

Adopting a vintage outfit at Etsy is not only a way to inspire others to dress sustainably but also a great way to stimulate small start-ups, local brands to spread their products to buyers worldwide.

3. Vestiaire Collective

Have you ever ached for owning an exclusive item that a celebrity wore? Vestiaire Collective will make your dream come true with its high-end vintage collectibles.

Campaign-Image-Vintage-is-the-new-new.jpg (4942×2480)
Vestiaire Collective – High-end Vintage Items

All vintage clothing products are inspired by famous designers and carefully examined before releasing on its website. So, you don’t have to give much thought to quality and designs. According to Vestiaire Collective, there are more than 3 million fashion finds that consist of approximately more than a half million new listings each month.

The noticeable point is that Vestiaire Collective doesn’t only focus on vintage gems. This brand also offers second-hand luxury clothing items and accessories.

All vintage items listed on Vestiaire Collective are exclusive and authentic ones, so you will not find them anywhere.

So if you’re into vintage aesthetics outfits, have a try on Vestiaire Collective! It will satisfy you with millions of excellent luxury choices to add to your closet.

4. Ebay

eBay is another destination that we highly recommend to visit just with a click. It is regarded as one of the most influential online marketplaces worldwide that you can purchase everything at an affordable price here. It is believed that, however, many have no idea about vintage clothing items available on eBay.

On this e-commerce platform, you can find fashion outfits from the 40s to classic Converse sneakers.

Moreover, detailed safety policies at eBay will give you more trust when doing any online transactions no matter where you are. eBay has many special events for big sales that allows you to go for favorite picks and shop more at friendly-price ranges.


Inspired by the desire of motivating vintage lovers to find one-of-a-kind clothing items and wear them in their own way, ASOS was created with this ambitious mission.

ASOSNew Vintage Looks

ASOS has been also striving its best to innovate and come up with novel ideas in designing new vintage looks but still through a lens of nostalgia.

The characteristic of fashion products from ASOS is the variety in design, color and style so that even with a classic aesthetic style, you can still show your personality and fashion like women’s suits, blazers, maxi dresses, and so on.

An important “alert” is that all the items listed on ASOS are available with at least 30 sizes at the same price. So, no matter your size, no matter your weight, be confident to shine who you are with wonderful aesthetic outfits in ASOS.

6. Vintaholic

Vintaholic – Vintage Clothing Styles

One of the best online vintage clothing stores listed in this article is Vintaholic. Should you be eager to find vintage aesthetic clothing gems and create it in your own personal style, Vintaholic is definitely a perfect destination for you.

Vintaholic appreciates the importance of expressing individual persona and that is the major reason to create a special Vintaholic for big fans of vintage clothing. The major fashion magazine Vogue once named Vintaholic in their article and cooperated with ASOS. These things partly affirm its reputation in the fashion industry, especially in the vintage aesthetic clothing niche. There’s no reason not to fall in love at first sight with handmade bralets, aesthetic crop tops, retro dresses, and vintage denim jeans.

So, let’s explore more high-quality retro-vintage clothing items at Vintaholic to get the hottest picks here right away!

7. Personalgifts

In spite of being an eCommerce start-up platform, PersonalGifts is proud to be a go-to destination for vintage fashion lovers. Embracing cyclical trends and the sustainable favorite taste of vintage styles, PersonalGifts focuses on helping you to have aesthetic vintage looks from Edgy Aesthetic clothes, Egirl outfits, 90s fashion items to Y2K fashion finds.

PersonalGifts – Vintage Fashion Styles

As you know, the revival of Y2K fashion styles is going viral on TikTok and become must-have items in Gen Z-ers’ wardrobe. PersonalGifts is a great destination for you to take this trend with many distinctive vintage collectible gems so that you do not have to take too much time on searching and finding the way to create your own vintage style.

You can find cute crop tops, cropped skirts, classic shoes, accessories, and much more. We believe that you will love at first sight right when paying a visit at PersonalGifts because of exquisite vintage pieces here!

Final Verdicts

Finding yourself a style to follow or finding a new self this year is also one of the fun things to try. Vintage clothing outfits don’t make you look outdated. Hopefully, 7 online vintage clothing stores above will help you find it easier to go for vintage finds at your fingers with limitless options.

Do you know any great places to shop retro vintage clothes? Please share with us so that others can benefit from your experience!

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