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The prevalence of TikTok with thousands of new trends every single day shows that young people are trendsetters. This brought us many new concepts, among them are fashion trends, old but novel in its own right.

In this article, we are going to explore more details about Egirl fashion and how to wear Egirl outfits in that you can pocket new and unique styling tips as an Egirl. However, there is one more thing that we would love to notify you about before you keep reading this blog post.

If you’re into predominantly a black color, s aesthetic and a big fan of anime, manga but still want to have a sexy look; this post is absolutely for you. 

What Do You Know about Egirl Fashion?

what you know about Egirl fashion

Egirl stands for Electronic girl. When it comes to this term, it is thought of as a type of girl who likes to use the TikTok app. However, it is not the root of the term “Egirl” as we usually think. The term E-girl actually appeared in the s, a time marking many favorite fashion trends at that time, typically Y2K aesthetic fashion

In fact, the appearance of Egirl fashion was inspired by the strong penetration of K-pop with the modern style of Electronic girl.

So how to define you as an Egirl? The answer is more simple and straightforward than ever. If you use the internet all the time and spend most of your screen time on video games, or manga and others consider you as a cold, quiet girl, you are definitely an Egirl.

And we firmly believe that with Egirl outfits, you will surely fall in love and enjoy it because it really shows your personality through what you are wearing. Don’t worry because our suggestions will help you have a presentable Egirl look right away!

Egirl Outfits: How to Wear Like An Egirl?

Egirl Crop Tops 

crop top in Egirl fashion

What better item than a short crop top that accentuates your slim waist and gives you a sexier look! Exactly a crop top! This item can make you cute like a Lolita but it can also make you more individual and attractive thanks to it! Combine with high-waisted jeans or a pleated skirt to make your body more perfect.

With this Egirl outfit, you can top it off with a free size jacket, wear a chunky belt, and combine any accessories that you like.

There is a fact that this fashion style will combine many different accessories, so if you tend to place a minimalist look, you will need a lot of changes to seek this style. 

Plaid Skirts

plaid skirts in egirl outfits

You don’t have to have standard Egirl outfits but we highly recommend you to own at least one item in your wardrobe. The item we are mentioning is a plaid skirt. An unpretentious skirt that you can coordinate with any shirt and wear on many different occasions. Also, you don’t have  to spend too much time thinking about how you are going to find a perfect match before going out. 

The main color of the Egirl fashion style is still dark, but you can choose more prominent color accents like neon pink or blue. You will be a real Egirl when you wear a plaid skirt with a crop top and chunky shoes. If the days are colder, wear an extra pair of tights to keep warm. Don’t worry, because the tights will not reduce your spotlight in this Egirl outfit. What’s more, it will be even better, if you add a heavy chain belt to create a highlight for this mix.

Platform Sneakers

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers will be the next suggestion that we hope can help you easily match with your clothes to create an Egirl fashion style. Talking about shoe colors, because the color of the Egirl outfits is dark, we recommend you choose black or white shoes that can be combined with all the items in your wardrobe. A platform sneakers perfectly go with wide leg jeans or a mini skirt. You can also wear a pair of leggings and a free size shirt to pair with these shoes.

These chunky sneakers not only make you look taller, but depending on how you coordinate your outfit, you can look very out-of-the-ordinary, rebellious, and cool with a pair of platform sneakers.

Egirl Beanies

Egirl Beanies

A beanie can rarely be considered a must-have item in your wardrobe because not all outfits are suitable for wearing a beanie. However, when it comes to Egirl fashion, it is one of the main staples that an Egirl must have. A beanie will be a highlight of your personality, comfort and a bit more classic. Interestingly, a beanie really helps to cover up blemishes if you are unhappy with the condition of your hair or your hairstyle at some point.

The design of a beanie to combine with Egirl outfits is very simple, it can be a small logo or a few short words, not occupying a prominent area on the hat. Try to choose for yourself a hat that matches your Egirl outfits and more importantly, keep warm for the upcoming winter!

Egirl Choker Necklace

Egirl Choker Necklace

Choker will be the last proposal but really a quintessential accessory among the necessary items to create an Egirl style that we want to talk about in this post.

Like the beanie, choose for yourself simple, sophisticated chokers because that way it will become more prominent in an Egirl outfit. You can choose for yourself high-collar tops to wear to highlight your jewelry skillfully and subtly.

Final Verdicts

To be honest, to dress like a real Egirl, our suggestions above are not enough, perhaps more need is the accompanying accessories to help you have a more true Egirl style. And don’t worry because  we will suggest more articles relating to Egirls clothes ideas for you to refer to. In this post, however, we hope that it will help you a lot in going for and mixing your clothing items in your wardrobe in Egirl style.

Egirl fashion does not mean that you have to leverage all the accessories you have in order to be a real Egirl, but the important thing is the way you combine these things together and make them work to be highlights for your Egirl outfits. That is what we want to convey to you in today’s article.

We hope to hear your thoughts in the comment box below and look forward to reading our upcoming articles!

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