7 E-Girl Clothes Ideas and Styles That Every Girls Must Know

Trendy apps like TikTok introduced the world to one of the biggest fashion trends. This online fashion trend is taking over teen girls everywhere and shows no sign of stopping. Although there is no specific definition for this fashion style, it is still easily recognizable immediately, and that style is called E-girl.

What is Egirl Fashion?

E-Girl Clothes You Should Know

If you don’t know what an E-girl fashion style is or even where to start learning about this culture, we’ll help you get up to speed with learning the basics. E-girl is a term that with the “E” stands for “electronics” because of their reference to the internet.

The main style of E-girls starts from their social media presence on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Tumblr, posting photos of the electronic style and their dyed hair color.

Almost all E-girl clothes range from typical items like black striped long-sleeved shirts to sharp eyeliner, or oversized shirts. 

The Development of E-girl Fashion Style

The Development of E-girl Fashion

What are E-girl Clothes? The first appearance of E-girl styles was in , this definition was derogatory. It is thought that these girls are using their bodies and interests in video games to attract males’ notices online.

However, recently, women have brought this style back and given it a powerful voice. E-girl these days are celebrated for their outstanding fashion sense. E-girl clothes attract more and more young people because this is a style that combines almost all contemporary aesthetic fashion such as goth, cosplay, hip hop, VSCO girl.

Many argue that E-Girl fashion originated from Tumblr in the early s when young people often posted pictures of girls with bold eyeliner expressing their mood. However, Tumblr did not focus on their pictures, this is the reason why E-girl was not really popular at that time.

E-Girl Clothes You Must Know

Plaid E-girl Skirt

E-Girl Plaid Skirt

The plaid skirt is not only one of the important items of E-Girl clothes but also the first item you should buy if you are in the process of learning what E-girl fashion is. You can combine it with a cute crop top or an oversized T-shirt, then pair them with chunky sneakers. You can stay neutral by pairing it with black or gray for a winter feel or add a splash of blue or pink to brighten up your outfit. When the temperature drops, wearing leggings with dots patterns or stars will be a perfect choice. 

Crop top

Accentuating the waistline and emphasizing the skin is the effect that crop tops bring. This is also an E-girl clothing that can be combined with a lot of fashion styles and you can wear them with a variety of outfits. A crop top is also the most common answer to the question of what is the typical item of an E-girl? 

Crop tops are often worn with high-waisted pants or skirts, as they help to accentuate the perfect figure. It’s also a good idea to add a few different textures to your outfits like stripes, hearts, or weird shapes. You can also try adding oversized coats, chunky belts, layered shirts, and tons of other accessories to your outfit. It’s all about self-expression, so make sure you enjoy it.

E-Girl Shirt or Oversized Graphic T-shirt

A patterned t-shirt combined with fun sunglasses will definitely upgrade your appearance. Textured t-shirts are an item that every e-girl’s wardrobe has. An oversized T-shirt is a perfect choice for every occasion from relaxing at home to hanging out with other girls.

Traditional printed t-shirts with your favorite movies or TV shows will let you add to your style while keeping a little fashion in the mix. Adding a pair of high-waisted jeans and sneakers, you will have an outfit ready for a comfortable but still trendy day.

Chunky Sneakers 

This trend first appeared in the 90s and now it is making a comeback these days thanks to the TikTok trend as well as the E-girl fashion. These chunky sneakers have a high sole that gives you a substantial height hack but still feels comfortable to wear. 

When choosing a color, it’s best to choose a color that matches your current clothes. Great choices would still be white or black – they match almost anything and instantly brighten your outfit.

If you prefer a more vibrant color, why not try neon yellow or even pink? Combine these shoes with oversized jeans or a mini dress for the most attractive look. These shoes have unlimited potential and they are sure to look great in any setting.

E-girl Cargo Pants

Colorful Cargo Pants For E-Girl Clothes

Cargo pants full of pockets to hold all the accessories are one of the iconic E-girl clothes. It not only has a special meaning when it helps to accentuate your waistline and make your legs look elongated but also enhances your appearance. Those cargo pants will be a perfect combination with the crop top and beanie to create the awesome E-girl outfits.

Choker Necklace

One of the important accessories of E-girl clothes is the choker necklace. Choker necklaces can add more attraction to girls because of their uniqueness. 

Chokers come in a variety of eye-catching shapes that can be combined with a variety of outfits. You can combine them with anything to create your own personality and attractive appearance.

Butterfly Hair Clips

Another trend from the late 90s and early s was the butterfly hair clips. These adorable accessories can stand out in your outfit. When creating this hairstyle, place two on either side of your hair, located just outside the corners of your eyes, this will make you more attractive and cute. 

You can keep it simple with one or two, or spread it wider the length of the curl. These adorable accessories are easy ways to describe the E-girl aesthetic and are the perfect throwback to your childhood. 

Hopefully, you can choose your individual way to do the E-girl aesthetic work from the above suggestions. 

Which one of the e-girl outfits do you want to add to your wishlist? Feel free to leave your comments from your experience to update the list.   

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