Top 8 Indispensable Vintage Clothes For Every Girls

Vintage Clothes You Should Not Ignore

With the appearance of vintage clothes, it opened up for fashionistas thousands of choices. However, not everyone understands the definition of this style as well as how to properly combine the breath-taking clothes of the previous decades. In this article, we will discuss vintage clothes and the indispensable items of this style. 

What Is Vintage Fashion?

Vintage fashion is often used to refer to clothes and styles that are a little bit past the decades. These vintage products are “deconstructed” versions of existing designs. 

Because of their appearance 100 years ago, this is the reason why vintage clothes from different decades will carry a different fashion trend. You have various choices for your favorite items. 

The lure of vintage clothes has remained unchanged for more than 100 years because they never go out of style. Moreover, vintage clothes are made from durable materials, which makes them last longer than other materials. Besides that, using vintage clothes could help to protect the earth’s resources as well as reduce the harmful activities of the fashion industry. 

Vintage Fashion Era Highlights

The s

The s were the heyday of flapper dresses. The dresses are a symbol of energetic freedom and embracing a new lifestyle. These flapper dresses are usually made of fabrics such as beaded chiffon, lace, velvet, and sheer fabric with fringe attached by its movement as it dances.

The s

In the s, thanks to designers like Coco Chanel, s fashion took on a new change. Clothes with elegance and glamour look are the trendy fashion of this decade. Vintage clothes were designed to be more womanly with a nipped-in waist and exaggerated shoulders.

The s

s fashion was the decade of simple and fitted style because of World War II. Fashion highlights of the s were knee-length dresses with wide shoulder pads and slim-belted waistlines.

The s

s Vintage Fashion Highlights

After World War II, vintage women’s fashion tended to be soft and feminine. Dresses with rounder shoulders, fitted waists, and exaggerated hips were iconic of the s fashion. Besides, saddle shoes, leather jackets, and jeans are also very popular items.

The s

s fashion is known for its diverse fashion styles. This decade’s fashion reflected the social movements of the period and broke many fashion traditions. s vintage clothes such as mini skirts, comfortable clothes with energetic colors and patterns.

The s 

Tie-dye clothes, maxi dresses, and plaid shirts are typical of the s. Bell bottom pants and jeans, also known as flared pants, were also very popular this decade.

Featured Vintage Clothes

Vintage Patterned Shirts

A vintage-inspired shirt is the easiest item to find. A slightly faded shirt or sweater will instantly give you a classic look. The classic look of vintage fashion comes from the old, rustic features of the shirts. Not too clean, neat, on the contrary, vintage shirts that are a bit baggy, liberal with brown, beige, light yellow colors… will be the full expression of the classic features of vintage fashion style. These styles can be combined with plain skirts or baggy pants to create a classic look for girls.

Mom Jeans Pants

This style of high-waisted, wide-leg pants was once very popular with young people in the 90s, not only appearing in hit movies like Friends, Seinfeld but also a favorite choice of real fashion icons like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anniston…

A couple of mom jeans and crop tops bring a new look to the girls who love the vintage aesthetic. Mom jeans are a great “companion” if you have a petite figure. The high-waist style of the pants not only enhances the slim waist but also helps to “cheat” the height significantly.

Oversized Denim Jackets

Denim is known as an indestructible material, which is why it has been popular for many years. Baggy, oversized outfits became popular in the late 20th century under the influence of Hip hop culture, oversized denim jackets were more popular. From punk rock to bohemian hippie, denim jackets are a go-to for every style. This is the reason why denim jackets are a must-have item in the vintage aesthetic wardrobe.

Vintage floral dress

Vintage Floral Dresses

If you want to become a fashion lady of the 90s, you should not ignore the classic and lady-shaped dresses. Whether it’s a long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or two-piece design, just a long floral dress will give you the vintage aesthetic look. The color of the floral dresses is also very suitable for summer days, moreover, they are pretty and cool.

T-strap shoes

T-strap shoes have a round toe with a very characteristic lacing across the instep. This lace is also the highlight of this shoe, giving it an innocent and very sweet look. You will easily find vintage girls wearing these shoes with the most classic and simple black version. Combined with high-collar white socks, you have an interesting highlight for your entire outfit.


Turban - Vintage Accessories That Every Girl Should Have

Your floating hair will lose more or less charm without a colorful turban. Your vintage outfit will be a more vintage look if it is accentuated by the vibrant, lovely look of the turbans. A scarf tied in your hair, tied around your neck, or hung loosely in a bag all add some charm to your look. Patterns, baby flowers, polka dots, or gingham… will show you the magical power of forming this classic style.

Hip Bags

In the past, hip bags were only favored by tourists, but in , when Chanel launched bags designed by designer Karl Lagerfeld, this item won the hearts of many fashionistas. 

It can be said that the hip bag is also another classic item of the vintage aesthetic style that you should own. This accessory since the 90s has always been loved by its high applicability and today they are also modified with many luxurious designs to attract fashionistas. With this bag, you can wear it in many ways such as wearing it on your belly, across your chest, or across your waist. You can completely preserve your jewelry, jewelry, wallet, cosmetics… during the trip with just this small bag.

Retro Jewelry

Retro Jewelry - Fashion Vintage Items For Women

Retro jewelry stands out with its “oversized” designs, especially with 80s-inspired pieces. Oversized sunglasses and statement earrings are often vintage-loved by aesthetic fashionistas selection.

Hopefully, with this article, you can understand more about vintage style. What fashion style do you think will become popular in the coming years? Let’s share your perspective below.

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