4 Must-Have Vintage Dresses Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

In the previous post, we have guided you on Top 7 Affordable Online Vintage Clothing Stores so that you can find it easier to go for vintage gems effortlessly. Today, we will lead you to 4 Must-Have Vintage Dresses every girl needs in her closet.

Why is Vintage clothing favourable with girls?

Vintage clothing with high applicability

Nowadays, the younger generation have a tendency to adopt versatile outfits that they can wear on casual days or special occasions such as hanging out with friends, going to work or school.

A vintage dress will be a great option because of its elegance, discreet, but no less youthful. Today, vintage dresses have changed some details to make you feel simpler, more comfortable for every lady.

Cost-effective vintage clothing

When it comes to vintage clothing, you may think about a vintage outfit with many different accessories. The fact is, however, not like what you thought about the real vintage style. One of the best favorite points when you go for vintage clothing items is that you just need several basic pieces to match with your outfits, and have a perfect look as a result.

Just vintage dresses, you can create many different looks for a specific occasion. It’s up to the way you mix with other accessories such as shoes, bags, hair scarf, or so on. Is it also a way to save your budget but still have a new gorgeous look, isn’t it?

4 Must-Have Vintage Dresses for Every Girl

Vintage Collar Dress

Vintage collar dresses are designed in many different styles. This vintage dress became a big hit in the 60s and until now it has been voted as a fave item in many closets, especially Peter Pan collar designs.

A vintage collar dress shows purity, freshness and charm. Back in the s, Princess Diana also made a spotlight with a vintage collar. A pearl necklace goes with this vintage find perfectly, and it will be an excellent choice at formal parties.

Today, in many e-commerce platforms, you can easily access a variety of collar dresses at affordable price ranges. Let’s try it out and go for your fave ones.

Polka Dot Dress

Fashion designers in the 21st century successfully breathed a new life into the 50s polka dot dress and made this vintage gem soon become a big hit in recent years. To be honest, even though there are many modifiers on the design of polka dot dresses, this vintage item still brings us a retro feel.

Long time ago, these polka dot dresses had another name like a garden dress because women usually wore this vintage clothing in picnics. However, a polka dot dress is no longer a piece just for a picnic. Now, it is designed to be more suitable to wear on casual days and become one of the best summer outfits that girls own in their closet.

Vintage Baby Doll Dress

In the 90s, one of the most popular vintage dresses was baby doll dresses. The design of the baby doll is more comfortable and spacious, but the waist is designed to be smaller to respect the wearer’s figure.

Have you tried wearing a baby doll dress yet? It would be a pity if you did not own this vintage dress in your wardrobe. The dress not only helps you look younger, more feminine, lovely, but also brings a sense of comfort and ease of movement for you.You can wear a baby doll dress to go for a date, parties or go to school.

Try this 90s vintage gem right away!

Vintage Slip Dress

Between the 90s and the early aughts, slip dresses dominated and became a fashion trend that many celebrities were into. A vintage dress makes you stylish, sexy and attractive in formal occasions.

The only exception is that you don’t need to embellish any accessories to go with this vintage dress. However, if you want, you can wear a pretty necklace with heels when wearing a slip dress.

What could be better than having an easy outfit that doesn’t take time to think and coordinate to create a chic outfit, right?

Essential Retro Accessories for Vintage Dresses

Pattern-Print Hair Scarf

A printed scarf is definitely a quintessential piece for a vintage clothing outfit. With vibrant, delicate floral motifs, you’ll become more feminine and trendy, true to the vintage style from previous decades. This is really a highlight that makes you outstanding when standing in front of the crowd.

You can use a pattern print hair scarf tied gently at the neck or tied on the head. This can also help you conceal your hair.

Vintage Ballet Flats

A pair of ballet flats when combined with a vintage outfit will definitely make you light with your movements, bringe a sense of comfort when walking or running.

Thanks to ballet flats, you can confidently participate in many activities that require a lot of movement, but still retain femininity, softness.

Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

If you are into vintage clothing items, do not miss a retro cat-eye sunglasses to make you more distinctive with a vintage outfit.

Wearing a pair of cat-eye sunglasses will enhance your attractiveness and arouse curiosity to take a closer look at you.

Today, the rapid spread of information and the development of social networking platforms have helped us stay connected to anywhere in the world and keep up with fast trends. Fashion trends are like a natural cycle, the current young generation likes to innovate and create on old ones to create styles that are both nostalgic, modern and unique.

Referring to vintage styles, we will write more articles related to this fashion style. However, in this article, we hope to give you some great suggestions to help you refresh your wardrobe this year.

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